Photos from recent performances and activities!

Brad and I getting our Panera Coffee on, post recital dress rehearsal!
Had to share this- a photo of my dad with the Ozark, AR high school band in 1962.  He is the trombonist over on the far right at the end of the row. Some things are just genetic?  I didn't know he had played the trombone until well after the horn had chosen me!

University of Iowa Trombone Choir with Jim Nova, Spring 2015

Recital in Iowa City! Fall 2014

2015 Dorian Middle School Brass Choir

Luther College Pep Band, Fall 2014

Performing with Daniel Raney (Narration), Composer of Images of Grass

Daniel Raney and Benjamin Yates after performance of Images of Grass

Luther College Low Brass Trio, Iowa City Spring 2015

TubaEuph Ensemble 2013

Dorian Vocal Fest, 2013

Katie Seidel and Kathy Reed performing for the Water Street Music Series, Winter 2013

University of Iowa Trombone Choir, 2013

Luther College Trombone Choir, 2012

TubaEuph Fall 2012

Low Brass Choir, Luther College Fall 2012

The Luther College Norse Brass Quintet!

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